People say about our events…

Michael Graham

“Great job on the event! I think it was a huge success and you guys rocked!! Three key things that I enjoyed the most: The vibe in the room was great, the rapper performance was original and different, the venue is great. Both Ruth and Istvan are good hosts, its a very relaxed event, great name to the event.”

Michael Graham, Senior Partner at MJB Consultancy and expert sales trainer

“I talked about how to build a practical, scalable and profitable online business that gets you clients and profits online. I think the event was wonderful. Thanks again for the opportunity. Happy to come back anytime you want to explore a topic deeper or a different angle. Lots to share!”

Kavit Haria, Founder of and digital marketing expert

Kavit Haria
Michael Lartey-Maurer

“The event was a great success. Working with Ruth and Istvan was a great pleasure. They are very organised, professional and fun to work with. I am really looking forward to working with them again.”

Michael Lartey-Maurer, Senior Consultant at MJB Consultancy

“Good meet up! International speakers with broad experience. I’ll be back! On the stage next time :)”

Fredrik Sandvall, Managing Director at Global Sales Consulting


“The event provided by Digital Hustlers Hub really inspired me to keep going with my lead generation as there are lots of people out there interested to hear what you are doing – you just have to find them!”

Sam Neatrour, Director Trusted Conveyancing


“Amazing evening. Erlend Bakke, Never work again motivated me to implement things I have been holding back. The people were really great and amazing hosts.”

Alex Gordon, UK’s No. 1 Inspirational Speaker


“Great event Istvan Bujdoso and Ruth ! really inspiring and came away with some ideas to take my business to the next level. Big up also to the guest speakers such as Erlend Bakke , Alex Gordon and Michael Larty -Maurier”

Jason Wall, Director and Founder of J Wall & Associates


“thank you for the event. I really enjoyed all the speakers and have many new ideas after the meetup.“

Adam Micek, Technical Sales Specialist at G1ANT

“Thanks for putting the event on! Was really good!”

James Hutcheon, Managing Director & Founder of White Giant


“Thank you for the event this past Sunday. It was a pleasurable & very informative event to learn about both selling yourself before closing deals with prospects, and your talk was very great too about website optimisation & creating compelling landing pages. I learnt a lot in addition to my prior knowledge.”

Peter Turay, Founder & Managing Director


“I really enjoyed the event and sales training. It was really good how the speaker broke down the sales process into manageable pieces. Which was great for me because then I can follow up on some bits which maybe I was weaker in, and things I can strengthen myself on and it really helped. I’m launching my own brand and one of the key messages for me is to be more consistent and make sure I have a regular audience for the content that I put out. I’d like to have more interactive exercises. I really enjoyed the pitch session. It was really good because we got to see different peoples ways of pitching, different businesses and how they go about it and this gave me ideas on ways to pitch my business.”

Naomi, Entrepreneur


“We had a great time, thank you & we found the event very useful with lots of ideas we are now working on.”

Ibrahim Jan, CEO and Founder at Sodaclick